Definition of in someone's bad (or good) books in English:

in someone's bad (or good) books


  • In disfavor (or favor) with a person.

    ‘you could say he is in my bad books’
    • ‘They say: ‘Let's try and be in their good books.’’
    • ‘He's back in their good books, so his odds remain long.’
    • ‘Ministers and officials in the state see to it that they stay in their good books.’
    • ‘Apparently all the folk in Deerness had heard of my good deed, and that seems to have put me in their good books.’
    • ‘And since she answered my silly questions with patience and saccharine sweetness, she is in my good books.’
    • ‘After half-an-hour of this taunting and torture, the only place his men would have been was in his bad books.’
    • ‘The matron, who was in charge of us, was a formidable figure and you didn't want to get in her bad books.’
    • ‘She's a terrible snob and I'm sure she's only inviting you because it's the done thing and she wants to be polite as well as keep in my good books.’
    • ‘Jon defended me gallantly, earning him a little tick in my good books.’
    • ‘I still didn't think it would be a good idea to go by there alone - especially since I was now in his bad books.’
    in favour, popular, friendly, friends