Definition of in someone's pocket in English:

in someone's pocket


  • 1Dependent on someone financially and therefore under their influence.

    ‘it was important that the voters should not be seen to be in any man's pocket’
    • ‘The Institute of Justice did its best to prevent the Supreme Court decision to hand over private property to any rich developers who can get a couple of city councilors in their pocket.’
    • ‘The head doorman of the night club claimed he was a gangster figure with a police officer ‘in his pocket’ to whom he gave cocaine, a court heard today.’
  • 2Very close to and closely involved with someone.

    ‘I'm tired of towns where everyone lives in everyone else's pocket’
    • ‘So then we had a slight argument, with her saying that I can still spend time on the computer doing all the things that I like doing on it, 'cause she doesn't want to be living in my pocket.’
    • ‘And, because the cast are living in each other's pockets doing two shows a day for weeks on end, we become a family.’
    • ‘One has to remember that Cambridge is a tiny city and though all these poets don't exactly live in each others pockets we do see each other by accident as much as by design.’