Definition of in someone's road in English:

in someone's road


(also in the road)
informal British
  • In someone's way.

    • ‘she kept getting in my road’
    • ‘If he's here too long he gets in my road, Cathy confirms.’
    • ‘People in their right minds kept well out of his road.’
    • ‘At feeding time, the dominant mare will walk up to the feed trough and pin her ears back, immediately all the other horses move out of her road.’
    • ‘The question here is: ‘Should this country be led by someone who is prepared to go out and besmirch the reputations of anybody who gets in their road?’’
    • ‘When Williams came around the screen and looked for room to drive, Baxter was directly in his road, cutting off access to the lane.’
    • ‘‘That's good,’ he said, ‘because it means you have been out of his road all night.’’