Definition of in someone's wisdom in English:

in someone's wisdom


  • Used ironically to suggest that an action is not well judged.

    ‘in their wisdom they decided to dispense with him’
    • ‘Council, in their wisdom, said they needed more information, which was a little frustrating for us.’
    • ‘We offered Steven a very lucrative contract but Steven and his advisers have, in their wisdom, decided against it.’
    • ‘This morning upon crossing into England I discovered that someone, somewhere in local authority, in their wisdom, had decided that despite the weather forecast grit would not be spread on the roads.’
    • ‘To my mind, the ultimate responsibility lies with the various planning committees, which have, in their wisdom, or ignorance, over the years, allowed the new buildings to be built at ground level.’
    • ‘Yes, in their wisdom, rather than spend a little money to fix the holes in their device, they're spending a lot of money to hunt down their critics and sue them.’