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in spite of

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  • Without being affected by the particular factor mentioned.

    ‘he was suddenly cold in spite of the sun’
    • ‘For Stella, it is arguable that success has come in spite of, rather than because of, her father.’
    • ‘It was totally sold out, packed to the gills in spite of the cold and rainy weather.’
    • ‘Anyhow, it was a good day, in spite of the cold, which is turning bitter and nasty.’
    • ‘Leila had known it was a good idea to get a gardener, in spite of what others said.’
    • ‘Byrne says he was not unfit when he came home, in spite of what was felt amongst the public.’
    • ‘Their rationality is what keeps them alive in spite of not knowing what to do or what not to do.’
    • ‘He was, in spite of all his genius and accomplishment, a troubled man seeking his own truth.’
    • ‘Brave Jack managed to get hold of her arms and, in spite of once losing his grip, pull her to safety.’
    • ‘It helps me to do that too, to keep on my own journey, in spite of everything that happens in a life.’
    • ‘He loves doing it and considers it an honour in spite of not having much free time.’
    • ‘They both did every time they woke up next to each other, aware of what they had done in spite of how drunk they had been.’
    • ‘Anyway, my big problem was that, in spite of all this, they still carried my name.’
    • ‘They know me and my faults and love me either in spite of or because of them.’
    • ‘This has happened in spite of most banks suffering from a drop in operating margins.’
    • ‘I'm still tired in spite of my rest day and early night, although my sleep was disturbed.’
    • ‘So Melchizedek is very important in spite of the fact that he is mentioned only twice in the Old Testament.’
    • ‘I began to feel a little better, in spite of everything, and my headache started to fade.’
    • ‘Today we have more elderly women than men in spite of the low nutrition the former receive.’
    • ‘The deputy chief added that in spite of the recent snowfall, the ground is very dry.’
    • ‘Sandy Lane is also likely to be included in an amended Thornton ward, in spite of opposition to the plans.’
    despite, notwithstanding, regardless of, for all
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