Definition of in store in English:

in store


  • 1In a safe place while not being used or displayed.

    ‘items held in store’
    • ‘I am reliably informed however that numerous interesting items from this period are held in store by the museum.’
  • 2Coming in the future; about to happen.

    ‘he did not yet know what lay in store for him’
    • ‘For weeks they sweated over their decision, wondering what lay in store for them.’
    • ‘But when we booked the holiday, little did we know what lay in store for us once we arrived.’
    • ‘He signed a five-year contract last summer but admits he has been left wondering what the future has in store.’
    • ‘The forum will give people the opportunity to find out more about what could be in store for the future.’
    • ‘She used to cry for you, child, because she knew what the future had in store for you.’
    • ‘I am now 60 and I have to start thinking about whatever the future has in store for me.’
    • ‘What that future holds in store for our planet is up to all of us, reasoning together.’
    • ‘Having played four times already this season, there were few surprises in store for either team.’
    • ‘On stage there was yet another pleasant surprise in store for the audience.’
    • ‘We'll just have to see what kind of surprises life has in store for me the next couple of months.’