Definition of in strength in English:

in strength


  • In large numbers.

    ‘security forces were out in strength’
    • ‘After a US victory at the town of San Antonio in 1836, Santa Anna's forces moved north in strength to retake it.’
    • ‘These fields spread out immediately through the universe without loss in strength.’
    • ‘Reduced to only three corps in strength, its fighting force was gravely diminished almost from the start.’
    • ‘The whole area was sanitized, and army, police and paramilitary personnel were deployed in strength.’
    • ‘Protection staff in strength are already posted as guardians of forests.’
    • ‘The Hampshire group is growing in strength and now has about 400 members.’
    • ‘So last week, when media offices received an invitation for a briefing, they turned up in strength.’
    • ‘Also present in strength are storybooks and colourful encyclopaedia for children.’
    • ‘The Neary clan was out in strength and there were many more familiar faces we met during the night.’