Definition of in support of in English:

in support of


  • 1Giving assistance to.

    ‘air operations in support of the land forces’
    • ‘Its role was to provide simple communications centres in the field in support of air operations.’
    • ‘The helicopter had been flying in support of military operations in al-Anbar province.’
    • ‘It happened as the chopper was flying in support of security operations outside of the city of Ramadi.’
    • ‘The army, however, wanted the air force to operate primarily in support of land operations.’
    • ‘The earlier doctrines were written for urban operations in support of conventional forces.’
    • ‘Some users may require other centralized utility systems in support of their operations.’
    • ‘The German Luftwaffe exercised their doctrine of joint operations in support of ground forces to great effect.’
    • ‘Its role is to provide information and training in support of UK and international operations.’
    • ‘The day war broke out we were flown to a meeting to plan operations in support of an amphibious landing.’
    • ‘Substantial numbers of police officers preserve the peace in support of operational police colleagues.’
    1. 1.1Showing approval of.
      ‘the paper printed many letters in support of the government’
      • ‘Feel free to send us letters and e-mails in support of the cause and we'll make sure we forward them to the Hall.’
      • ‘So far, she has received over 3,100 letters in support of her campaign and has publicised it widely on radio and through the press.’
      • ‘All council workers will also be written to, asking them to write individual letters to their MPs in support of Metrolink.’
      • ‘The next step is to write letters in support of all politicians and reporters who speak this truth.’
      • ‘He accompanied his testimony with a letter in support of Mr Turner.’
      • ‘The club's owner has received four letters in support of his bid, one in opposition.’
      • ‘I read all letters in support of keeping this wonderful old building and despair about what can be done.’
      • ‘His wife submitted a letter in support of her husband, vowing to stand by him.’
      • ‘The Minister tells us that she received a letter in support of her work only this year.’
      • ‘His work says they are backing him and will write a letter in support of him.’
    2. 1.2Attempting to promote or obtain.
      ‘a strike in support of an 8.5% pay raise’
      • ‘Local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland voted to strike in support of a six-per-cent pay claim.’
      • ‘They have been barred from taking strike action in support of political, social and environmental causes.’
      • ‘The strike and protests are in support of a wage increase and the ongoing stalemate over fresh presidential elections.’
      • ‘They have been on strike since early July in support of a 10-percent pay rise.’
      • ‘The strike was in support of a demand for wage increases of between 106 and 150 percent.’
      • ‘The strike is in support of a demand for higher salaries to meet the escalating cost of living in Zimbabwe.’
      • ‘The drivers had been on strike for three weeks in support of their demand for better cartage rates.’
      • ‘A union spokesman said the strike was mainly in support of demands for job security.’
      • ‘They have been on strike for four months in support of a demand for higher salaries.’
      • ‘He added that people would be able to find out more details about the scheme at the exhibition and he was hoping residents would sign a letter in support of the bypass.’