Definition of in sync in English:

in sync


  • Working well together; in agreement.

    • ‘he and I were in sync about the idea and it made the whole process very easy’
    • ‘Dissention in the ranks: At a joint press conference yesterday, the parties behind the policy detente were out of synch on the question of what the agreement means for consumers' fair use rights.’
    • ‘To share life, we must spend time together and find ways to be in sync.’
    • ‘Currently we are completely out of synch with the rest of Europe.’
    • ‘These days he might find himself in the minority - his approach is out of synch with social trends that suggest parenting is a complex science to be taught by ‘experts’ and the state.’
    • ‘But the notion that design is out of synch or displaced in a museum context is a contradiction I have difficulty resolving.’
    • ‘In sync with other news accounts, the New York Times had reported two days earlier that ‘the paper did not print any calls for attacks.’’
    • ‘In sync with his cooking dogma is his steadfast managing style.’
    • ‘In sync with many others, he says the best preservation is to move the wine and pour it to customers.’
    • ‘In sync with the latest trend youth would be the target audience for the movie.’
    • ‘Another factor in the persistence of auteurism is, oddly, that it's in perfect sync with what became called postmodernism, even though it came to its fore one and a half or even two decades before postmodernism.’