Definition of in the catbird seat in English:

in the catbird seat


North American informal
  • In a superior or advantageous position.

    ‘we'll stay in the catbird seat in international agriculture’
    • ‘For several years, design professionals sat in the catbird seat, able to parlay personnel shortages in a boom market into significant pay and benefit packages.’
    • ‘They enjoy being in the catbird seat, perched at a high elevation, with a commanding view of a vast expanse of open air, high above the landmass below.’
    • ‘‘Michael wants to know how the view is up there in the catbird seat,’ Norris replied.’
    • ‘Today founders are in the catbird seat when investors come calling.’
    • ‘The police are in the catbird seat, but do not seem to realize it.’
    • ‘In fact, everything about the insurance company suggests they know they're in the catbird seat.’
    • ‘Sooner or later the customer will need brakes or shocks or a major service and suddenly the dealer is in the catbird seat.’
    • ‘Magazines have weathered the on-line storm, as it were, and are back in the catbird seat.’
    • ‘Observers say that today's ride not only puts him in the catbird's seat, but in great shape for a seventh consecutive Tour de France win.’
    • ‘For now, though, he's in the catbird's seat again, doing what he does best: coach the ball team.’
    • ‘‘This is a triumph of his, not a desperate, tragic failure,’ she said by phone, recounting that she was sitting in her husband's chair he called his catbird seat in the Rockies.’
    • ‘The catbird seat can't remain vacant, but who is there to fill it?’