Definition of in the clear in English:

in the clear

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  • No longer in danger or suspected of something.

    ‘the latest information put her in the clear’
    • ‘Then I was in the clear, free from any desire to smoke.’
    • ‘But we also saw the light and knew that by Thursday we would be in the clear.’
    • ‘So, it's still not in the clear, by any stretch of the imagination.’
    • ‘But now I've also been in the team, I am in the team, I've got those results and yeah, I'm in the clear.’
    • ‘The contract I signed initially didn't say anything past the probation period, so I was in the clear to resign without notice.’
    • ‘So, thinking I was in the clear, I went about my business, free-wheeling and fancy-free the whole time.’
    • ‘Just because someone in a bad spot is forced to sign a legal disclaimer, that doesn't mean the people making the decisions are in the clear morally.’
    • ‘You had a fleeting thought about getting caught when you made your plans three weeks ago, but you figured you were in the clear.’
    • ‘Well, I wouldn't say they're in the clear yet, but it's certainly died down a bit.’
    • ‘He says this now means the rest of the team is in the clear.’
    completely, totally, utterly, entirely, absolutely, thoroughly, wholly, through and through, one hundred per cent, lock, stock, and barrel