Definition of in the clouds in English:

in the clouds


  • Out of touch with reality.

    ‘this clergyman was in the clouds’
    • ‘As much as she wanted to order her head to look at reality, it still seemed to want to walk around in the clouds sometimes.’
    • ‘He's either way up in the clouds or way down in the gutter.’
    • ‘The Commissioner hasn't his head in the clouds about the perceived romantic side to organic production.’
    • ‘In fact, far from having their head in the clouds, folks spent a good deal of time with their feet firmly planted on the ground.’
    • ‘Our heads are either buried in the sand or lost in the clouds; or we are moving too fast to see a thing.’
    • ‘Well, we have a saying here that we have our heads in the clouds but our feet on the ground.’
    • ‘His mind was in the clouds but the body thought it was still in the thick of the gale.’
    • ‘The smell of the musty books filled my nose and I felt I was in the clouds as I heard his pronouncement.’
    • ‘Usually a girl like me would be up in the clouds, in la la land or wherever the rainbows shone and the butterflies flew.’
    • ‘She blinked and shrugged, suddenly back in my room and not up in the clouds.’
    • ‘Gail left then, feeling as though her head was in the clouds.’