Definition of in the driving (or driver's) seat in English:

in the driving (or driver's) seat


  • In control of a situation.

    ‘all chairmen love being in the driving seat’
    • ‘You have the ability to be in the driver's seat by taking a proactive role in constructing contracting.’
    • ‘President Nujoma will remain in the driver's seat for a good time yet.’
    • ‘But there was no doubt that they remained firmly in the driver's seat.’
    • ‘If the plan is to work, it will require dedication, even passion, from whoever is in the driver's seat.’
    • ‘This show is unique because the audience is in the driver's seat - you'll see what I mean.’
    • ‘Coury was in the driver's seat to help take the merged company public a year later.’
    • ‘However, more often than not these pop hits were composed with someone else in the driver's seat.’
    • ‘Instead, they like the handout approach since it keeps them in the driver's seat.’
    • ‘Indeed, his sterling connections may not be enough to land him in the driver's seat.’
    • ‘If you understand that you are responsible for your own life, you are in the driver's seat.’
    in charge, in command, in control, responsible, at the top, in authority, in the seat of authority, at the wheel, in the driving seat, in the saddle