Definition of in the mood for (or to do) something in English:

in the mood for (or to do) something


  • Feeling like doing or experiencing something.

    ‘if you're in the mood for an extra thrill, you can go paragliding’
    • ‘Of course if you are in the mood to experiment, you can make your own cherry facial scrub and mask.’
    • ‘I'm not really feeling better, but I'm also in the mood to do something other than wallow.’
    • ‘I'm feeling quite positive today and in the mood to make resolutions.’
    • ‘Oh, I should also say that I've got a lot of unanswered mail and I'm not really in the mood to deal with it right now.’
    • ‘We weren't in the mood to sit down for a meal so we sat at the bar for a quick snack.’
    • ‘For the majority it was a case of getting in the mood to enjoy the evening in good spirits.’
    • ‘Perhaps to try and get people in the mood to start shopping early so they can benefit?’
    • ‘I love reading poems and even try to pen down a couple of them whenever I am in the mood to do so.’
    • ‘Something he wrote triggered a load of memories of my mum, and I just feel in the mood to write about her today.’
    • ‘No doubt they will be in the mood to celebrate the event during the year in full dramatic style.’