Definition of in the pay of in English:

in the pay of


  • Employed by.

    ‘mercenaries in the pay of one or other of the competing local rulers’
    • ‘Perhaps more so, when you consider that the four ‘civilian contractors’ would appear to be mercenaries in the pay of the occupation forces.’
    • ‘His timely rescue of London from a retreating force of Frankish mercenaries who had been in the pay of Allectus was a huge propaganda victory.’
    • ‘Yes, he was a willing mercenary in the pay of the government of Canada and a Crown corporation.’
    • ‘We used to ask ourselves which of the window-breakers were in the pay of the cops/feds/private right-wingers.’
    • ‘As a long-time exile in the pay of the CIA, he was always a strong candidate in Washington and US officials were clearly involved in steering the choice.’
    • ‘And he's been in the pay of the British for around 30 years.’
    • ‘It must be nice to be in the pay of eccentric old rich conservative men, who arrange for you to testify in congress about things you know nothing about.’
    • ‘Those etymologists who can see through the mirrors of conspiracy and who are not in the pay of multinational interests will be aware of this.’
    • ‘The films were ‘foreign-funded cinema,’ he declared, implying that the directors were in the pay of foreign masters.’
    • ‘In 1419, a Genoan captain in the pay of Prince Henry struck Madeira.’