Definition of in the pink in English:

in the pink

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  • In very good health and spirits.

    • ‘For many firms, health care design is in the pink.’
    • ‘Mr Ramsden said today: ‘We are absolutely in the pink now it's back.’’
    • ‘This keeps doctors in the pink, so to speak, and gives the sisters opportunity to discuss at length which medicos hands are colder than the others.’
    • ‘But something tells me, despite all the vicissitudes, setbacks and struggles of a long career, that she will still be in the pink.’
    • ‘One of Bradford's biggest professional firms is in the pink after snapping-up a Leeds-based rival.’
    • ‘The hope is that when markets finally bounce they will be back in the pink.’
    • ‘On the football side, however, Arbroath this season have simply been in the pink.’
    • ‘It kept them in the pink, as all exercise does, even if they did not win a prize at a meet.’
    • ‘But you know, usually with a little extra TLC and a lot of extra sleep hopefully; dads take note, most news moms start to feel pretty much in the pink within a couple of weeks.’
    • ‘A few changes to your eating habits, like avoiding fried and other fat-laden foods, can keep those tiny penile arteries clog-free - and keep you in the pink.’
    in good health, in perfect health, very healthy, very well, hale and hearty, bursting with health, in rude health
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