Definition of in the poo in English:

in the poo


British informal
  • In deep trouble.

    ‘they are in the poo financially’
    • ‘You wouldn't believe cable operators are in the poo this side of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘Not everyone who drops you in the poo is necessarily your enemy and not everyone who gets you out of the poo is necessarily your friend.’
    • ‘If you are in the poo then don't chirp about it!’
    • ‘When it stops raining, we're all in the poo.’
    • ‘Unless the Government stops gambling on the casino economy, then we will be "in the pooh", big time.’
    • ‘In the afterlife he is going to be really in the poo.’
    • ‘There are water sensors built into the floor, so if you do take a bottle of water inside and it spills, you are in the poo.’
    • ‘I'm going to get in the poo for some comments I made about my previous career.’
    • ‘If someone says the man's name in the comments, is the team legally in the poo?’
    • ‘Nick called about this one time he got in the poo with his ex for throwing away used tin foil.’