Definition of in the raw in English:

in the raw

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  • 1In its true state; not made to seem better or more palatable than it actually is.

    ‘he didn't much care for nature in the raw’
    • ‘Those of us who can't or won't brave nature in the raw should never underestimate the power of the local swimming pool, in providing that vital link with our ancestral past.’
    • ‘For nature in the raw, push inland to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.’
    • ‘I switched off the telly and settled down to what I thought would be half an hour of savage nature in the raw!’
    • ‘Experiencing nature in the raw can gave us all a better sense of perspective.’
    • ‘Such wild areas, like the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands, far from being examples of nature in the raw, were the products of a high level of human intervention and invention.’
    • ‘It's a moment of open savagery, nature in the raw.’
    • ‘She told us very early on that we were all diamonds in the raw and that we needed refining.’
    • ‘Nothing is staged, nothing is acted, life is shown in the raw, like it really is.’
    • ‘He was the sole doctor for several hundred square miles and experienced all forms of medicine in the raw.’
    • ‘Like mud, diamonds - which look like dull pebbles in the raw state, and only reveal their beauty when cut and polished - attracted very little attention when first discovered by early man.’
  • 2 informal (of a person) naked.

    • ‘I slept in the raw’
    naked, nude, bare, in the nude, stark naked, with nothing on, stripped, unclothed, undressed, uncovered, in a state of nature, disrobed, unclad, undraped, exposed
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