Definition of in the second place in English:

in the second place


  • As a second consideration or point.

    • ‘And in the second place, it just leaves more room for you and me.’
    • ‘And in the second place, it would also then change, I think, the attitude of the world towards the armed conflict.’
    • ‘And in the second place, what sort of sense does it make to release details of the payment?’
    • ‘We find that very untrue in the first place, and very unpleasant in the second place.’
    • ‘There is already too much fighting in the world to contend with in the first place and in the second place, I am sure I have other things I can be doing.’
    • ‘And, in the second place, Paul is madly in love with ‘Dragonfly’, the lead character.’
    • ‘It was controversial because, in the first place, the Government would not release it, and, in the second place, estimates made by private sector bankers were very large and the Government disputed them.’
    • ‘And in the second place, I'm not putting any moves on her.’
    • ‘None of this boded very well for the Secreta Alf, who, in the first place, didn't like cold, and, in the second place, didn't like people.’
    • ‘In the first place, then, there are those propositions we simply see to be true; in the second place there are those propositions we see to follow from those in the first group.’