Definition of in the soup in English:

in the soup

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  • In trouble.

    • ‘I've lost the money—I'm in the soup’
    • ‘On the pitch, the team may seem to be in the soup, with several bad results in the wake of their record-breaking unbeaten run coming to an end.’
    • ‘The local DJ landed himself in the soup with a few of his listeners over the weekend when he ran an item on ‘Irishisms’.’
    • ‘It has now turned into a boomerang which has left the policy makers in the soup with the councillors displaying a deep-seated opposition to the plan for an incinerator.’
    • ‘They are in the soup over the spelling of 'palate' in a press release trumpeting the fact that the eatery would be opening in September.’
    • ‘Many indignant customers led the vigilance officers straight to the errant trader who had got them in the soup.’
    • ‘A band of robbers landed in the soup when they hailed what they thought was a taxi but which turned out to be a police car.’
    • ‘There is a blistering certainty the entire scheme will go belly up, leaving Gray deeper in the soup.’
    • ‘It would break my heart to see him in the soup.’
    • ‘What's more, live action is in the soup; merchandising is off; video sales are down; the parks have reached the limits of growth.’
    • ‘Furthermore, something kept telling him that this time he could really be in the soup and that in future he really would have to stop and think before he ever did anything like that again.’
    in difficulty, in difficulties, having problems, in a mess, in a bad way, in a predicament, in desperate straits, in dire straits, heading for disaster, heading for the rocks, with one's back against the wall