Definition of in the worst way in English:

in the worst way


informal US
  • Very much.

    • ‘he wants to win in the worst way’
    • ‘And, again, this is a time when the state needs the jobs in the worst way.’
    • ‘Once you leave this ten-block stretch, you need a car in the worst way.’
    • ‘Thirty years ago, Kesey needed to finish a three book contract with Viking in the worst way, so he did.’
    • ‘The end of summer saps my energy in the worst way.’
    • ‘I'd wanted to be in that race in the worst way, and I'll never forget going out there for pictures and just how proud we were to be part of that elite eight car field.’
    • ‘I think it's fairly obvious - they're meant for each other in the worst way.’
    • ‘She knew she sounded defensive and was probably annoying, but David's banter had confused her in the worst way.’
    • ‘Davis, the interim coach since September, wants the job in the worst way.’
    • ‘I just want to warn you that the film, while seemingly sweet, is incredibly subversive in the worst way.’
    • ‘It's the best local television has to offer, and audiences want it in the worst way.’