Definition of in the wrong in English:

in the wrong

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  • Responsible for a quarrel, mistake, or offense.

    ‘who was in the wrong?’
    • ‘When I have tried to point out the cycle track I have been verbally abused even though they are in the wrong.’
    • ‘Few would object to paying a fine if in the wrong, but when people have paid and paid again, it becomes a violation.’
    • ‘So in his world, it will be me that is in the wrong for swearing at him.’
    • ‘It's very easy to point the finger and accuse a famous person of being in the wrong.’
    • ‘The newcomers will be in the wrong if they enforce their negative characteristics on the hosts.’
    • ‘Even if the entire country thinks they are in the wrong, there's nothing anyone can do about it.’
    • ‘I will happily stand up in court in any action you take against the store and say that your child was in the wrong.’
    • ‘Last year a number of players were sent off in the wrong and they did not get justice.’
    • ‘They accepted that their athletes were in the wrong and deserved to be punished.’
    • ‘Both of them think that the other is in the wrong, so it ends in a cold standoff.’
    mistaken, in error, erring, errant, off course, off target, wide of the mark
    to blame, blameworthy, at fault, condemnable, censurable, reproachable, reprehensible, responsible, culpable, answerable, guilty
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