Definition of in tow in English:

in tow


  • 1Being towed by another vehicle or boat.

    ‘his boat was taken in tow by a trawler’
    • ‘One day the poor boatmen had to paddle not just our unwieldy vessel upstream, but Richard and the girls on tow in a little rowing boat.’
    • ‘When the winds are strong it is easier to go high on tow, in fact you can kite while on tow, but you are very quickly out of the field as you chase thermals.’
    • ‘Two pilots smack in right off the dollies and one throws his chute just behind the tow paddock after locking out on tow and tumbling.’
    • ‘As I reported earlier, it is easier to aerotow from your shoulders than the Falcons (even a bit easier than the Attack Falcon) basically because it can fly a bit faster and so on tow you are not near the top of its speed range.’
    • ‘At 1100 ft on tow, I flew abreast of one of these monsters, so pinged off, and headed into it.’
    • ‘The agency quoted a Russian Defense Ministry official as saying that the 43,000-ton Kiev, on tow by a Chinese warship, left its North Fleet base about three weeks ago.’
    • ‘I had already tested the knife cleat yesterday afternoon and it worked fine. The problem was that while on tow I didn't look at the control frame when I thought I released the flap cord.’
    • ‘How anyone could fail to see in such perfect visibility that Light Vessel 83 was on tow with a tug not far ahead of her is equally mind-boggling.’
    • ‘With trailer in tow, the vehicle's rear wheels act as a steering axle for the trailer.’
    • ‘Fortunately another club boat was able to take the prize in tow and bring one and all safely back to shore.’
  • 2Accompanying or following someone.

    ‘trying to shop with three children in tow is no joke’
    • ‘Scott didn't seem to notice and she followed in tow behind him as they made their way to a group near a far wall.’
    • ‘I followed him in tow until we came to a bench behind the school along the cross country trail.’
    • ‘And worse still, she will accompany me with my two young children in tow.’
    • ‘She followed Bryan and Will out of the office, Vicky in tow and headed towards the main stairwell.’
    • ‘They were on their way to the bar to get drinks, but they ended up mucking around with me for a while before they went back to their table with me in tow.’
    • ‘Kids and pets were always in tow with Paul and earth-mother Linda leading the pack.’
    • ‘On several occasions I was nearly run off the road, babies in tow, by these behemoths.’
    • ‘Boy and Girl, now Mr and Mrs, return to Ireland with two kids in tow, and another great comedy production!’
    • ‘However, arrive late so you miss the trailers, especially if you do have very small ones in tow.’
    • ‘Now, for the first time since that day, here she was with family in tow.’
    accompanying, following, in attendance, in convoy, by one's side, in one's charge, under one's protection
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