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in truth

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  • Really; in fact.

    ‘in truth, she was more than a little unhappy’
    • ‘This may appear unseemly to some but, in truth, he has never concealed this fact.’
    • ‘Actually, in truth I couldn't remember the names of anyone I'd been at school with.’
    • ‘The great pity was that it didn't go to a replay, because in truth neither side deserved to lose this one.’
    • ‘But in truth, his views now seem to be nearer the 21st century centre ground than ever.’
    • ‘I have to smile at that, because in truth we do have a written constitution, one written in the best way, by history.’
    • ‘Ann is apparently more sensible but in truth she is just as self-serving.’
    • ‘Though in truth this was really no great shock as her progress this season has been astronomical.’
    • ‘It was, in truth, a tad too delicate for my palate, but it looked exquisite and was perfectly enjoyable.’
    • ‘But in truth, reproducing a trade mark or the artistic work on a recording is theft.’
    • ‘So this is an attempt to use a more creative sound; although in truth it boils down to a big bassline and a drum beat.’
    in fact, in actual fact, in point of fact, as a matter of fact, in reality, really, actually, to tell the truth, if truth be told
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