Definition of in two in English:

in two


  • In or into two halves or pieces.

    ‘he tore the piece of paper in two’
    • ‘She gives him a warm smile as he folds the paper in two and hands it back to her.’
    • ‘The most startling story we heard was one who said a neighbour was in bed and a tree fell on their home and cut it in two.’
    • ‘The tree was first cut in two, then the centre of the tree was removed and the outer part shaped to act as a boat.’
    • ‘One might have expected the rope to snap in two, but it was made of stronger stuff.’
    • ‘My family has been ripped in two and things are never going to be the same again.’
    • ‘A visit lets you step back in time to an era which saw this city torn in two and families divided.’
    • ‘The good news was that it was neatly cut in two, so only another wall had to be built to make it usable.’
    • ‘York is set to be split in two, with the inner city separated from an outer York seat.’
    • ‘On the debit side of the ledger, my main frustration is that the film was cut in two.’