Definition of inaptly in English:


Pronunciation /iˈnaptlē/ /ɪˈnæptli/


See inapt

‘The opening episode, inaptly called ‘Rocking the Foundations’, did not begin: it simply dropped viewers into the middle of a situation that had no evident origins.’
  • ‘Whisper it gently, but at last there are signs that common sense may prevail in the inaptly named ‘war on drugs’.’
  • ‘The East London News reported, ‘The week might not inaptly be called the week of strikes - coal men, match girls, parcels postmen, car men, rag, bone and paper porters and pickers.’’
  • ‘The inaptly named dump took in 2 billion tonnes of refuse over its lifetime, growing to three times the size of Central Park.’
  • ‘Perhaps the word truth is inaptly applied here.’