Definition of inbreed in English:


intransitive verbinbred

[no object]
  • Breed from closely related people or animals, especially over many generations.

    ‘if they are allowed to inbreed even further this can eventually spoil the species’
    • ‘Furthermore, the best, and indeed the only way to fix a set of alleles within a breed is through inbreeding.’
    • ‘This was necessary to avoid the closer inbreeding when the breed became endangered.’
    • ‘With inbreeding among gametes, however, an entirely different picture emerges.’
    • ‘With closer inbreeding, the relatedness of recent ancestors beyond the parents becomes an issue.’
    • ‘Pedigrees help select better parents for breeding and also help monitor inbreeding.’
    • ‘It is feared that such isolation may ultimately lead to inbreeding, gene loss and reduced fitness.’
    • ‘Many are in a poor physical state with dull coats and thin manes, suffering from a variety of ailments caused by inbreeding.’
    • ‘This makes it possible to arrange matings by computer in order to minimize problems caused by inbreeding.’
    • ‘Female hippos, for instance, appear to avoid inbreeding when choosing a mate.’
    • ‘Such packs have little genetic diversity and are vulnerable to inbreeding.’
    • ‘We also know that due to inbreeding, there are deformities, both physically and mentally.’
    • ‘This has already been a problem with Labs, which often suffer arthritic hips due to inbreeding.’
    • ‘However, managers may also control the mating scheme to further decrease inbreeding.’
    • ‘Here they fed on bats, took to inbreeding, and hibernated for decades or even centuries at a time.’
    • ‘If they did nothing else they devised a marriage system to prevent inbreeding that is unparalleled in the universe.’
    • ‘Successive generations of foxes often inherit the territory on which they are born, which would tend to promote inbreeding.’
    • ‘They may also be more susceptible to inbreeding and to genetic defects, say biologists.’
    • ‘At the same time the population has been isolated and, as a result, weakened by inbreeding.’
    • ‘He delivered a speech about inbreeding and the consequent side effects.’
    • ‘Asian local native peoples have inbred native dog breeds without any crossbreeding with other dogs to maintain their pedigree and their specific physical characteristics.’
    entrenched, established, fixed, implanted, deep-rooted, rooted, deep-seated, settled, firm, unshakeable, ineradicable, driven in



/ˈinbrēd/ /ˈɪnbrid/