Definition of incessancy in English:



See incessant

‘But now fatigue a little deadened him to that incessancy of life, it seemed now just an eternal circling.’
  • ‘Second, speed, flexibility, and incessancy of market activity have replaced the scheduled rhythm of the factory floor.’
  • ‘After 20 years, Mary Byrne, teacher at the model school of the New York Training School for Teachers, began to fear the incessancy of this schoolteacher's routine.’
  • ‘The border, in the context of the exhibition, acts as an historic and personal leitmotif, revealing its persistence, if not incessancy in the minds of Chicano artists.’
  • ‘One will bemoan the absence of instrumental contrast, will become impatient with its incessancy, and will lead one to argue that 40 minutes of such gentle sine wave noodling is perhaps 30 minutes more than is necessary.’