Definition of incipiency in English:



See incipient

  • ‘Early in the period of the Revolution there was, as just noted, a feeble incipiency of a Union in the Articles of Confederation, proposed in 1777 and ratified in March, 1781.’
  • ‘The Packers and Stockyards Act prohibits undue price preferences and grants USDA broad authority to stop unfair trade practices in their incipiency.’
  • ‘The ‘introgression’ of genes into each of them from one or more of the others prevented their definite fission and kept them in a state of lasting incipiency.’
  • ‘As my doubts about the incipiency of Nazism might suggest, I am somewhat skeptical about this prediction, and in fact there are reasons for skepticism which also bear on the second part of the objection.’