Definition of inclusivism in English:



mass noun
  • The practice of trying to incorporate diverse or unreconciled elements into a single system.

    • ‘Effectively, Rome has cast herself adrift from historic orthodoxy by setting her traditional teachings in the wider context of religious inclusivism and the universality of the experience of the Divine.’
    • ‘He doesn't find much help in most current theological ‘models’: exclusivism (only my religion is true), inclusivism (your religion may be true, but mine is truer) and pluralism (we're all equally true).’
    • ‘All they want to hear is that the arts are efficiently run, good for the economy and subservient to current dogmas of inclusivism and education.’
    • ‘He sees the simul as a kind of bridge between Lutheran exclusivism and inclusivism, opening up a ‘theology of engagement’.’
    • ‘It means little more than inclusivism, a lowering of the doorstep that the Pharisees had set too high.’