Definition of incompatibility in English:


Pronunciation /ˈˌinkəmˌpadəˈbilədē/ /ˈˌɪnkəmˌpædəˈbɪlədi/ /ˈˌiNGkəmˌpadəˈbilədē/ /ˈˌɪŋkəmˌpædəˈbɪlədi/

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  • 1The condition of two things being so different in nature as to be incapable of coexisting.

    ‘genetic incompatibility’
    • ‘the incompatibility between industry and nature’
    • ‘a strategy for resolving incompatibilities’
    • ‘Hybridization may result in sterile offspring because of the incompatibility of genes or enzyme systems inherited from two dissimilar species.’
    • ‘Is it true that the sign under which one was born determines one's compatibility or incompatibility with other people?’
    • ‘It is caused by incompatibility between interacting genes.’
    • ‘Rhesus disease is a blood disease caused by the incompatibility of Rh factors between a fetus and a mother's red blood cells.’
    • ‘Incompatibilities among readers and publishers' copyright restrictions mean that books loaded on one reader cannot be transferred to another one.’
    • ‘There is some incompatibility between the three sets of estimates.’
    • ‘The incompatibility of slave with free labor is advanced to explain the lag of unionism in the South.’
    • ‘Tissue and blood type incompatibilities remain the most significant barrier to further expansion of live donation.’
    • ‘More studies with other incompatibility genes are necessary.’
    • ‘Time might have helped to resolve most of the problems thrown up by these apparent incompatibilities of view.’
    1. 1.1Inability of two people to live together harmoniously.
      ‘our different backgrounds had something to do with our incompatibility’
      • ‘In 1828 they separated, because of personal incompatibilities.’
      • ‘Their marriage ended in divorce on the grounds of sexual incompatibility.’
      • ‘Citing incompatibility, he divorced and then remarried.’
      • ‘The two actors share a genuine love, undermined by their complete incompatibility.’
      • ‘This play is a study of incompatibility.’
      • ‘These evidences of an incompatibility of temper induced Emily to effect a separation by mutual consent.’
      • ‘From 1969 to 1985, all the states either replaced the fault grounds with no-fault grounds such as incompatibility, or irretrievable breakdown or added those no-fault grounds to the existing fault grounds.’
      • ‘They had a son, Conrad, but incompatibility in age and temperament tore the marriage apart.’
    2. 1.2Inability of equipment, computer programs, etc. to be used in combination.
      ‘defects due to software incompatibility’
      • ‘I have run into a few problems because of browser incompatibility in the design of the site.’
      • ‘I encountered problems in accessing the video images because of incompatibility with certain software.’
      • ‘Incompatibility among US cellular networks has stalled the technology.’
      • ‘With 40 to 50 programs installed, I've encountered only a few minor incompatibilities.’
      • ‘There are huge hardware incompatibility issues.’
      • ‘Industry critics point to potential incompatibility down the road with other IP standards.’
      • ‘You can bypass software incompatibility by downloading free instant messaging products.’
      • ‘There can be real, though arbitrary, incompatibilities between programs, which will cause problems from time to time.’