Definition of incomprehensibly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinˌkämprəˈhensəblē/ /ˌɪnˌkɑmprəˈhɛnsəbli/

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‘I'm sure non-UK readers already think it's incomprehensibly ridiculous.’
  • ‘Why is it that the spread between those of us who are privileged and those of us who are not is so incomprehensibly large?’
  • ‘It's a year later, and the Tinsel Town premises has been expanded to include a bar, cafe and - incomprehensibly - a clothes shop.’
  • ‘One trillion pounds is a ludicrously, incomprehensibly large figure, but one which means little until understood in context.’
  • ‘I did my best impression of Basil by jumping up and down waving my arms while growling incomprehensibly.’