Definition of inconclusively in English:


Pronunciation /ˈˌinkənˈklo͞osəvlē/ /ˈˌɪnkənˈklusəvli/ /ˈˌiNGkənˈklo͞osəvlē/ /ˈˌɪŋkənˈklusəvli/

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‘Naturally, in every case I hoped to unearth photographs proving inconclusively that I'm not the only one whose physique's been ravaged by time, calories and a fanatical inattention to exercise.’
  • ‘That night's discussion ended inconclusively but has kept me wondering about the real state of visual literacy and intelligence in our land.’
  • ‘With neither at full gallop, the game swayed inconclusively from one to the other, each team ceding dominance as quickly as they claimed it.’
  • ‘Talks between the government and the consortium ended inconclusively in October.’
  • ‘The ending peters out inconclusively in a welter of playful/sloppy metafictional games.’