Definition of incontrovertibility in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌvərtəˈbilitē/


See incontrovertible

‘Instead, there is only apathy, quiet resignation - the man accepts the incontrovertibility of the surreal situation.’
  • ‘The supposed neutrality and incontrovertibility of scientific doctrine gave both regimes a good part of their intellectual legitimacy.’
  • ‘In a world where feminism, or postfeminism, is so often reassessed and derided, tennis is a rare oasis of incontrovertibility.’
  • ‘The usefulness of an evaluation lies not in its incontrovertibility but rather in its clarity of assumptions and in its openness to meaningful review and critique.’
  • ‘For ideologically motivated proponents of employee participation, this is a useful debating tactic because our culture's fixation with individual rights imbues any rights-based claim with an air of legitimacy and incontrovertibility.’