Definition of incorporated in English:


Pronunciation /inˈkôrpəˌrādəd/ /ɪnˈkɔrpəˌreɪdəd/


  • (of a company or other organization) formed into a legal corporation.

    ‘the Incorporated Society of Musicians’
    • ‘Adobe Systems Incorporated’
    • ‘But legal services can't be delivered to the public through an incorporated company.’
    • ‘For example, business insurance is recommended for the protection of an incorporated company or a partnership.’
    • ‘Who wants to have an incorporated company if the signature certifying it, is not legal.’
    • ‘Many of Canon's articles, which, of course, bound it legally, bore a resemblance to those of other joint stock chartered or incorporated companies.’
    • ‘He runs an incorporated business called Abdul Pty Ltd which sells agricultural products.’
    • ‘Those who enjoyed the privileges of being a director of an incorporated business did not appear to be aware of the duties they had.’
    • ‘You must understand that CNSI is an incorporated company, wherein I owe half the shares, and Glen the other half.’
    • ‘However, Downie said the measures were only going to help incorporated companies and not the entire small-business community.’
    • ‘Three months later it was an incorporated company placing high profile candidates into top jobs throughout the Caribbean.’
    • ‘Under current law, if I invest in an incorporated company, the only money I risk losing is that with which I bought the shares of stock.’
    • ‘Well, it may not have because Qantas was an incorporated company.’
    • ‘Then a unit of the semi-state airline's personnel department, Parc developed separately into an incorporated entity.’
    • ‘Program delivery during the eighties was almost exclusively tied to the incorporated body, the legal entity established to receive and account for public funds.’
    • ‘This is because to come under the laws a business must be both incorporated and a respondent to a federal award.’
    • ‘His eldest son, John, has been back on the farm for three years now following school, and plans to buy into the incorporated family business as a stockholder in just a few months.’
    • ‘In addition there are restrictions on equity participation in locally incorporated banks by non-Singapore citizens.’
    • ‘Those regulate, in pages of detail, who can be the directors and shareholders of incorporated firms.’
    • ‘We are now an incorporated arts organisation dedicated to the creation of new music-theatre, which reflects the concerns and interests of our society and celebrates our place in the world.’
    • ‘Of the 30,000 incorporated organisations registered in New South Wales, it's estimated that only 20,000 are still operating.’
    • ‘Applications are invited from incorporated organisations that have strong links with their local communities.’