Definition of incorrectly in English:


Pronunciation /inkəˈrektlē/ /ɪnkəˈrɛktli/

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  • 1In a mistaken way; wrongly.

    ‘his name had been spelled incorrectly’
    • ‘she was incorrectly identified in a photo’
    • ‘Many parents incorrectly believe that their child is too old for a booster seat.’
    • ‘This fact was incorrectly reported in the Western media.’
    • ‘An article in the same issue named the artist incorrectly.’
    • ‘An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the company was based in New York.’
    • ‘The critique is somewhat accurate, but I think that it is aimed incorrectly.’
    • ‘This message usually means one of three things: the web server is down; your Internet connection is dead; you typed in the web address incorrectly.’
    • ‘When you get an incorrectly addressed letter you can return it to the sender.’
    • ‘A third agency stated, incorrectly, that parental leave was not available.’
    • ‘I received an email from a support representative informing me - incorrectly - that my keyword wasn't featured in my page title or description.’
    • ‘There are those who would (incorrectly) argue that such a right is not compatible with Judaism.’
  • 2Not in accordance with particular standards or rules.

    ‘this dispute was handled incorrectly by the club’
    • ‘The very drugs that help us, used incorrectly, can cause a great deal of harm down the road.’
    • ‘All were incorrectly labelled, either overstating the meat content, or failing to disclose additives.’
    • ‘An employment agreement, if drawn up incorrectly, can create a lot of problems for the small business owner.’
    • ‘Representatives from the firm accepted there were internal deficiencies which had led to the product being incorrectly described.’
    • ‘My bank incorrectly debits a transfer twice from my account, sending me massively overdrawn.’
    • ‘The problem has come about because my wife's date of birth was scanned in incorrectly.’
    • ‘Many learner drivers fail to pass their driving test because they can't control the car, don't know how to use the gears and steer incorrectly.’
    • ‘Their investgation revealed no evidence that bankruptcy judges were incorrectly applying legal priority rules.’
    • ‘If the administrative team isn't properly trained, technologies may be incorrectly deployed, nullifying their effectiveness.’
    • ‘I'd been incorrectly billed and it was only after I did my own sums that I discovered the over-charge.’