Definition of incorrigibleness in English:



See incorrigible

‘Stubbornness and incorrigibleness under their reproofs and corrections.’
  • ‘He has displayed at large the advantages of equality, and then quits the subject in despair from an opinion of the incorrigibleness of human depravity.’
  • ‘She will have her wish, and the boy, whom in all probability she has wilfully kept away and encouraged in his incorrigibleness, will be sent to a reformatory within a fortnight.’
  • ‘And on this occasion his simony, his oppressions of the church, his persecution of Anselm, and his incorrigibleness, after frequent admonitions, were so strongly represented, that the pope, at the instance of the council, was just going to pronounce him excommunicated.’
  • ‘Deep security, impenitency, obstinacy and incorrigibleness, under all these, and under all the dreadful strokes of God, and tokens of his indignation against us, because of the same; so that whilst he continues to smite, we are so far from humbling ourselves and turning to him, that we wax worse and worse, and sin more and more.’