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  • The process of incubating eggs, cells, bacteria, a disease, etc.

    ‘the chick hatches after a month's incubation’
    • ‘Viable molds and bacteria were determined by incubation on two different media.’
    • ‘Sensitivity of culture isolation increased with higher initial inocula and shorter incubation.’
    • ‘It is infectious but the transmission of infection and the period of incubation of the disease are unusual.’
    • ‘At the conclusion of incubation, the cells and media were removed and centrifuged.’
    • ‘The inoculum size and incubation conditions were the same as mentioned earlier.’
    • ‘After incubation, the number of elongated motile promastigotes were counted.’
    • ‘After a second overnight incubation and washing, the detection antibody is added.’
    • ‘Cultures were considered negative for Brucella only after four weeks of incubation.’
    • ‘Lepromatous disease has a mean clinical incubation time of 10 years.’
    • ‘Births occur almost a month after incubation, in tune with the next lunar cycle.’
    • ‘Business incubation as a concept is developing around the world.’
    • ‘Such events would occur during their incubation in the mammalian lysate.’
    • ‘There are several reversions to male incubation from a shared incubation ancestor.’
    • ‘Moreover, contents of lactate in stem tissues increased at an early stage of anaerobic incubation.’
    • ‘Embryos in the eggs do not begin to develop until their mother warms them through incubation.’
    • ‘Pairs form during winter and spring, and dissolve after the female begins incubation.’
    • ‘Condors typically lay only one egg per season, with the male assisting in incubation.’
    • ‘Thus, the benefits to offspring of male incubation may be reduced in various species.’
    • ‘All washes were at room temperature and repeated following each incubation.’
    • ‘This may be due to active consumption of glyoxylate during incubation of the samples.’
    pregnancy, development, incubation, maturation, ripening



/ˌinkyəˈbāSH(ə)n/ /ˌɪnkjəˈbeɪʃ(ə)n/


Early 17th century from Latin incubatio(n-) ‘brooding’, from the verb incubare (see incubate).