Definition of incubative in English:


Pronunciation /ˈinkyəˌbādiv/ /ˈɪnkjəˌbeɪdɪv/


See incubation

‘The center will be built into an incubative base of new and high technology and products.’
  • ‘The prolonged incubative period of the disease and the remarkable resistance of the causal agent to formalin are features of distinct interest.’
  • ‘Endow cutting-edge transdisciplinary projects with an incubative environment and research support to foster major funding capabilities’
  • ‘A native of Queen Anne Hill, Maricich spent an incubative decade in Olympia, but recently moved from her cosy home there to Portland, in order to be the artist in residence at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art.’
  • ‘The trees can harbor the disease, in an incubative state, for up to a year, before showing the first external signs of Lethal Yellowing, so numerous trees could be infected before the first tree is even diagnosed with the disease.’