Definition of incubatory in English:


Pronunciation /inˈkyo͞obəˌtôrē/ /ɪnˈkjubəˌtɔri/


See incubation

‘What was happening in those blank, incubatory months?’
  • ‘A similar view of the head, and the incubatory pouch lying on the right side of the pallial skirt.’
  • ‘It may be best to remove the floating plants to an incubatory tank at the conclusion of the spawning ritual.’
  • ‘Female ovo-larviparous (common oviduct with a bilobed incubatory pouch) and with short, non-telescopic terminalia; common oviduct with bilobed incubatory pouch.’
  • ‘Insects maturing from larvae in the container 11 are adapted to migrate from the incubatory chamber within the container 11 by way of openings 30 in the floor partition 23 and enter the housing chamber 14.’