Definición de inculcator en Inglés


Pronunciación /ənˈkəlˌkādər/ /ənˈkəlˌkeɪdər/ /ˈinkəlˌkādər/ /ˈɪnkəlˌkeɪdər/ /ˈiNGkəlˌkādər/ /ˈɪŋkəlˌkeɪdər/


See inculcate

‘Teachers and elders as inculcators, on the one hand and law enforcers, which include the police, on the other, together share this responsibility.’
  • ‘Mothers were seen as particularly well-suited to be inculcators of moral values and patriotic values.’
  • ‘While the various institutions within the political, economic, and other spheres are important, the family is the primary inculcator of the moral culture in a society.’
  • ‘As preservers of moral values and presumably willing inculcators of proper standards of behaviour, young women were expected to play the role of the angel of the house.’
  • ‘A younger man could be pursued by an older man, who acted as teacher and inculcator of key virtues (such as manly courage).’