Definition of incurvation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinkərˈvāSHən/


See incurvate

‘And so the two problems relating to a good type of incurvation of a wire element have been solved.’
  • ‘Penile deformity or incurvation was not seen, and no continuity defects were palpated.’
  • ‘By gently pressing the string towards the bottom of the fret, it emits sensual variations of tones, as if these incurvations were all centres of pleasure.’
  • ‘There is no trace among the instruments of the Arabs known to us of any similar to the guitar in construction or shape, although a guitar with slight incurvations was known to the ancient Egyptians.’
  • ‘Its flatness suggests two-dimensionality while the incurvations, slight protuberances and incisions suggest three-dimensionality.’