Definición de indecisively en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈˌindəˈsīsivlē/ /ˈˌɪndəˈsaɪsɪvli/

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See indecisive

‘And they may feel obliged to take firm decision, quickly, to demonstrate to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister that they are not evading their responsibilities or acting indecisively.’
  • ‘The worst thing that could happen would be for it to end indecisively, with embittered semi-losers on all sides.’
  • ‘He consulted a supervisor, who stared at me indecisively for a few minutes.’
  • ‘I'd been up since six, cleaning and fussing indecisively over my wardrobe, and I'd eventually settled on a warm brown sweater and khaki pants.’
  • ‘He spent his early years indecisively moving about - working at an investment house, on a farm in Canada, and as a teacher in British public schools.’