Definition of indecorously in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinˈdek(ə)rəslē/ /ˌɪnˈdɛk(ə)rəsli/

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‘Then just as Britain should have been sombrely mourning the far-reaching effect this would have on its Easter telly, another dowager shocked the nation by behaving indecorously.’
  • ‘Strolling toward a table in the corner, she turned slowly, swirling her skirts around her, and plopped indecorously into a chair.’
  • ‘There would have been some terrible dog named Tuba roaming about indecorously urinating on the grass and wearing a bandanna.’
  • ‘Some gardeners bemoan showy colchicum's handsome, foot-long, leek-like foliage, which mantles the ground in spring before withering indecorously in early summer.’
  • ‘For example, the book's cover features, not only penguins building snowmen and having snowball fights, but paradoxically also a raccoon and armadillos, with a parrot making a snow angel and a salamander indecorously flattened by a snowball.’