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  • (of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly.

    ‘an indefatigable defender of human rights’
    • ‘He was indefatigable in his industry and sense of curiosity.’
    • ‘But he was just indefatigable when it came to his relationships with women.’
    • ‘He's indefatigable, like the sides he puts on the park.’
    • ‘Through his mother's contacts, he acted as if he were born to greatness, whereas in truth he had to achieve it by his own indefatigable efforts.’
    • ‘Brilliant as he was indefatigable, he recreated the Zuni past from their syllables and potsherds.’
    • ‘King's indefatigable efforts in the pursuit of a better world for future generations are to be applauded.’
    • ‘However, Titik, 34, is now enjoying the fruits of her persistence and indefatigable spirit.’
    • ‘He has been an indefatigable defender of Epsom General Hospital.’
    • ‘Like a restive monkey, it dangles from each vine of contemplation for hardly a millisecond and moves ahead with indefatigable enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Intelligent, courageous, dynamic, indefatigable and compassionate are the words that best describe young Tom.’
    • ‘The rain came down; there seemed to be only performers, booth owners, security officers and some indefatigable limers left.’
    • ‘That evening, we ate and relaxed around the fire - free of the indefatigable bugs and oppressive heat of the night before.’
    • ‘For a couple of hours there is hectic activity and on every side there are vigorous walkers and indefatigable joggers getting their morning exercise.’
    • ‘Later that evening, the indefatigable management team inducts the 200 new staff at the Teviot bar in preparation for this year's festival.’
    • ‘More useful were sessions with Madame Mansouri, a physiotherapist, who was indefatigable in her attempts to get Kit to sit up unaided, to roll over and to crawl.’
    • ‘She has been indefatigable in helping us to counter a threat, which may have repercussions over a far wider area, than that occupied by this charming little cottage.’
    • ‘And it was a shining example of how history is really forged, not recorded, baptized in the indefatigable whirl of media spin.’
    • ‘A whistle-stop tour of the home of Renaissance painting, by gondola, vaporetto and on foot, with Sir Tim as our indefatigable guide.’
    • ‘Polio may have deprived Kannan of his legs, but it has not deterred his indefatigable spirit and desire to achieve and inspire others as well.’
    • ‘One can only salute such indefatigable souls, and wish them success in their efforts.’
    tireless, untiring, never-tiring, unwearied, unwearying, unflagging
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/ˌindəˈfadəɡəb(ə)l/ /ˌɪndəˈfædəɡəb(ə)l/


Early 17th century from French, or from Latin indefatigabilis, from in- ‘not’ + de- ‘away, completely’ + fatigare ‘wear out’.