Definition of indefinite integral in English:

indefinite integral

Pronunciation /inˈdef(ə)nət ˈˌin(t)əɡrəl/ /ɪnˈdɛf(ə)nət ˈˌɪn(t)əɡrəl/


  • An integral expressed without limits, and so containing an arbitrary constant.

    ‘You can add an arbitrary constant to the indefinite integral, and still get the same derivative.’
    • ‘Evaluate the indefinite integral with the independent variable set to each of the limits.’
    • ‘The indefinite integral is defined as the set of all the antiderivatives of the function f.’
    • ‘The uncertainty in the value of the indefinite integral is expressed in the form of a constant of integration which is not defined by the integration process.’
    • ‘The composition rule which for derivatives is called the chain rule will be called substitution when we are computing indefinite integrals of the composition of two functions.’