Definition of independent variable in English:

independent variable

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Pronunciation /ˌindəˈpendənt ˈverēəbəl/ /ˌɪndəˈpɛndənt ˈvɛriəbəl/


  • A variable (often denoted by x) whose variation does not depend on that of another.

    • ‘We started with wave form as the dependent variable, and the remaining variables as independent variables.’
    • ‘The decomposition of the effects of independent variables on the dependent variables are presented in Table 2.’
    • ‘As a result, it is difficult to assess the causal impact of the independent variables on the dependent variables.’
    • ‘They allow researchers to study the effects of many independent variables on the dependent variable.’
    • ‘Correlation analysis among the independent variables showed coefficients of less than 0.70.’
    • ‘That is, data that are missing are independent of either the independent variable X or the dependent variable Y.’


independent variable

/ˌindəˈpendənt ˈverēəbəl/ /ˌɪndəˈpɛndənt ˈvɛriəbəl/