Definition of indeterminism in English:


Pronunciation /ˌindəˈtərmənizəm/ /ˌɪndəˈtərmənɪzəm/


  • 1Philosophy
    The doctrine that not all events are wholly determined by antecedent causes.

    ‘If it turns out that both determinism and indeterminism have these three intellectual virtues, can we come to a judgement about which one has the crowning virtue?’
    • ‘For any freedom not compatible with determinism would require indeterminism; and what is undetermined would happen by luck and could not be a free and responsible action.’
    • ‘The second main reply to that argument is that it involves an incoherent mix of determinism and indeterminism.’
    • ‘If the world were governed by strictly deterministic laws, might it still look as though indeterminism reigns?’
    • ‘In the realm of microphysics, where we have strong (but still contestable) evidence of indeterminism, our ordinary causal notions do not easily apply.’
  • 2The state of being uncertain or undecided.

    ‘The indeterminism made it uncertain whether she would go back to help or press onward.’
    • ‘Indeed, introducing indeterminism adds little in the way of worthwhile possibilities, opportunities, or competences to a universe.’
    • ‘I thought it may be indeterminism, but no such luck.’
    • ‘The new world is full of uncertainty, indeterminism and states that our knowledge is limited.’