Definition of India paper in English:

India paper


mass noun
  • 1Soft, absorbent paper, originally imported from China and used for proofs of engravings.

    ‘The impressions were priced at twenty dollars for an artist's proof, ten dollars for India paper proofs, and five dollars for plain proofs.’
    1. 1.1Very thin, tough, opaque printing paper, used especially for Bibles.
      • ‘We all called it that, rather than The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, because it was published by The Chemical Rubber Publishing Company and printed on thin India paper, like a bible.’
      • ‘The French honor their writers by publishing them whole in good typography on India paper, meticulously edited and annotated, in Gallimard's Bibliothèque de la Pléiade.’
      • ‘In its early days some books were printed on India paper, which was so fine that some volumes were reduced to half their original size.’
      • ‘Settling down with my book, the one-volume, 1969 India paper edition, I read or skimmed for an hour or so.’


India paper