Definition of Indian bison in English:

Indian bison

Pronunciation /ˈindēən ˈbīsn/ /ˈɪndiən ˈbaɪsn/ /ˈbīzn/ /ˈbaɪzn/


another term for gaur
‘The region is rich in biodiversity and also home to about 50 tigers, hundreds of wild Indian elephants, Indian bison, leopards, and many types of birds.’
  • ‘Gaur, the rare Indian bison, are easy to see here.’
  • ‘Apart from the herds of grazing deer, there were Gaur or Indian bison, hordes of monkeys, and peacocks dotting the landscape with gorgeous colour.’
  • ‘Suddenly, you notice a large Indian bison with an entire herd, a little distance away.’
  • ‘A visitor had fallen into an enclosure and risked being gored to death by a herd of wild gaurs, also known as Indian bison.’